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Huge e.l.f. Haul!

Hello, I hope you are all having a great day/night whatever time it may be! Last weekend a placed an order on and I wanted to share with you the stuff I bought. I have never tried any of their skincare items so I wanted to try a couple of those, plus I needed new eyeliner. They were offering a free gift set with a $25 purchase so I got that too, thinking it was going to be a couple deluxe samples or something. I WAS WRONG. I opened my package to find FIVE FULL SIZE items that I received for free. So I got ten items total for $34 USD? SUCH A GREAT DEAL!! ELF is already such an affordable brand it was amazing that they gave me even more items for free.



(Pictured above are swatches of the moisturizer, primer, and bubble mask)

  • Hydrating Bubble Mask ($14.00): The concept of bubble masks has just recently become popular and when I saw e.l.f. came out with an affordable one I really wanted to try it. I like how the container has a cover with a little hole and you press down on it to release the product. I tried the mask the other night and the next morning my face still felt very hydrated. The mask begins to bubble quickly so you have to apply it fast!
  • Daily Hydration Moisturizer ($8.00): I was looking for a moisturizer that does not have SPF in it and decided to try this one. It is very lightweight and lightly scented but I do not mind the smell. It is packed with antioxidants that leave your skin hydrated and glowing. I have used it once and I think it did a pretty good job at hydrating my skin.
  • Tone Adjusting Face Primer ($6.00): I suppose this is technically a make up item but it does help your skin! I got the lavender shade which is supposed to really brighten your skin and help with uneven tones. I have not gotten to play around with this yet so I will have to see how this works!
  • Eye Refresher ($3.00): This was part of the free gift set that came with my purchase. It is a metal container and has a rollerball that you put on your undereyes to cool and depuff them. Since the ball is metal it is very cold on the skin but I don’t really feel like it did anything when I tried it. I will have to use it a few more times.





(Pictured above are the rose gold blush and highlight wet, then dry, then the Blush Gems highlighter wet then dry)


(Pictured above are swatches of the lip lacquer, smudge pot, and eyeliner)

  •  Expert Liquid Liner ($2.00): This is one of the best liquid liners that I have ever tried! It is SO black and I like the applicator. I don’t use liquid eyeliner very often but when I do I always reach for this one. Highly recommend!
  • Baked Highlighter and Blush in ‘Rose Gold’ ($4.00): I have never really tried any baked products and wanted to experiment so I picked up this one. When using baked products you get the most pigmentation when your brush is wet. I tried this product the other night with wet brushes and they gave my skin a really nice pinkey gold glow.
  • Baked Highlighter in ‘Blush Gems’ ($4.00): This was another free gift that I received with my purchase. It is a very pretty highlight that has copper tones. I have not used this on my face yet but swatched wet it looks stunning!
  • Lip Lacquer in ‘Natural’ ($2.00): ANOTHER free gift! I don’t really wear glosses but this one is so pigmented! I tried it on and it made my lips a nice nude and it wasn’t too sticky like some glossy lipsticks can be.
  • Smudge Pot Cream Eyeshadow in ‘Cruisin Chic’ ($3.00): I was super excited when I saw this in the free gift set. It is such a creamy pigmented taupe brown I really want to use it for an eyeliner! Great Quality for only 3 dollars.
  • Ultimate Blending Brush ($6.00): I can’t believe they included this brush in the free gift set! It is such a nice soft brush with densely packed bristles. I have been using it for bronzer and I love it I may try it to blend my foundation also. So happy I got this!

I am so excited about this haul I can’t wait to use all of these! What are your favorite e.l.f products?

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31 thoughts on “Huge e.l.f. Haul!

    1. seriously it’s so underrated!! I also really like their concealer and highlighter duo (the concealer side) it’s not the best coverage but it’s so hydrating and brightening it’s the only concealer I have that I don’t have to set with powder!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your review. It makes me want to try these products, especially the eyeliner and those baked blushes. I’ve never used them, but now I want to. The prices are especially my favorite. You can’t beat those either, for good quality products.

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  2. Admittedly I don’t think I have ever heard of the brand ‘Elf’ before. I feel really silly admitting this. I do however like the look of the primer – it so pretty. xx

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