2016 Favorites: Face Mask

Face masks are probably my favorite part of skin care; I can never get enough of them! While I am an all-things-skincare junkie the thing I buy the most of is definitely masks. They have so many different kinds for hydrating, brightening, purifying, smoothing you name it! I have tried more than I can count this year and while these four are my top favorites my absolute ride or die is definitely the Lush ‘The Sacred Truth’ fresh face mask.


I did a first impressions of this product a month or two ago, and I am now on my third container! It is so creamy and has gentle exfoliating pieces that remove dead skin while soothing and hydrating the skin. I use this mask about twice a week before applying my make up and my skin looks so smooth and hydrated all day long! The only negative about this is that it’s a fresh mask so it only lasts a month maximum but the fact that you get fresh natural ingredients makes it worth it! You can purchase this at any Lush store for $9.95 USD. Since this contains fresh ingredients that have to be kept in the refrigerator it cannot be purchased online. If you have a Lush Cosmetics store near you I highly suggest trying out this mask!

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Happy holidays!


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