Olay daily facials Review

Last month while reading my Cosmopolitan magazine I came across an ad for these new cleansing wipes from Olay. They are a dry cloth that you run under water which causes it to release the cleansing bubbles to clean, tone, exfoliate, AND hydrate the skin. I had never tried a dry cleansing cloth before so I decided to pick these up.



  • Removes dirt, oil and all makeup.
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Daily use, even for sensitive skin
  • Works twice as well as regular cleansing

The box I purchased contains 33 cloths for the cost of $6.99 USD. The cloth itself is pretty big and is slightly textured which I assume is for the exfoliation process. It is also fragrance free which is always a plus! The directions say to wet the cloth and rub it to release the soap, then wipe your face with the cloth and rinse. When I ran it under water it quickly began to lather and it easily wiped away the makeup from my face, even my eye makeup.

One thing I noticed is that I could rub the cleanser all over my eyes and if I opened them before rinsing it did NOT burn my eyes one bit. This is a big deal for me because my eyes are sensitive and most makeup removers or cleansers cause my eyes to burn. This cleansing wipe is super gentle and perfect for sensitive skin and eyes.

Another thing I noticed is that after I rinsed my face it felt incredibly soft and hydrated. A lot of the time make up wipes and cleansers dry my skin out and make it feel tight and uncomfortable but this one made it feel great. I was honestly amazed at how much I loved this product after just one use!

The only negative to this that I found is that the cloth can easily run out of soap if you put too much water on it so you have to make sure to only use a small amount. Besides that, I LOVE THIS! Definitely my new go-to cleanser for my night time routine and it is cheap.

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