My Top 3 Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey ladies, today I want to share with you my ride-or-die eyeshadow palettes. Out of all the palettes I own (which is too many lol) these are the ones that I could never give up. The quality and color scheme of these is just perfect for me. They are in no particular order, they are all wonderful in my opinion! Read below to learn more!






  • Urban Decay Naked3 ($54): This was the first high-end palette I ever purchased, and to this day it is still one of my favorites! It is full of rose gold neutrals, pinks, browns, and just all of my favorite colors. The palette only comes with three matte shades which doesn’t leave much room for creative looks but I don’t mind. I always use the matte shades Limit and Nooner in my crease and then take a shimmer shade all over the lid and that’s my look! It’s perfect for when you don’t have time to put together an intense eye look but still don’t want it to be boring. My favorite shimmer shades are Dust, Buzz, and Liar. They leave me looking like a rose gold goddess!
  • Too Faced Natural Matte ($36): As you can tell from the name, this eye palette contains only matte shades. I love how it has cool, warm, and neutral shadows so you can make multiple looks. This is my favorite every day palette for my minimum to no makeup days. Whenever I am just going to run an errand or something small I always go for this palette. I know many Too Faced palettes have poor quality but I think this one is an exception! I never have a problem with the blendability and they just always look great and natural.
  • BH Cosmetics x Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition ($22.50): I would have said the original Carli Bybel palette is my favorite, but since that one is no longer available I thought I would talk about her new one which is just as good if not better! These shadows are so incredibly pigmented and blend great on the eyes. The bottom of the palette contains six highlighters which are STUNNING. The pigment is so intense I always use this palette when I am wanting a really bright highlight that can be seen a mile away. It is honestly unreal how great the quality of this palette is considering the price!

All three of these palettes are available inside of Ulta so if you have one near you I highly recommend going in and swatching these! They are seriously worth every penny in my opinion! What palette do you consider your ride-or-die?

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