Trying new products from Lush!

Hey guys. A couple weeks ago I took a trip to Lush and picked up a few things I hadn’t tried before. Lush is an all natural hand-made cosmetics store where they sell a huge variety of bath, hair, skin, and even makeup products. I love so many of their products and have been wanting to try new stuff so here’s what I got!




  • Pink Custard Shower Jelly: I have always been interested in this strange jello soap since I first started shopping at Lush. This one is bright pink and smells just like candy which I enjoy. It contains coconut milk which helps to hydrate the skin while cleansing. I mainly like to use this for adding moisture to my skin rather than cleansing because I don’t feel like it cleanses that well but that could just be my imagination. It is a really fun product to use while taking a relaxing bath and it lasts a really long time!
  • Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask: I had been purchasing the same face mask every time I went to Lush for the past six months so I decided to try a new one. This mask contains multiple herbs and spices as well as almonds to exfoliate the skin and honey to hydrate. It has a pretty thick consistency and it dries down kind of like a clay mask. While the honey did leave my skin soft I think the almonds were a little harsh on my skin and the scent of the mask is very strong. I think I will be sticking to my Sacred Truth!
  • Eau Roma Water Toner: I have been really on a toner kick lately so I purchased one from Lush since they are all natural. They have different toners for different skin types; I got the one for dry sensitive and/or mature skin. It contains rose and lavender and works to hydrate the skin without causing a reaction. The product smells very fresh and it does make my skin look less dull. The only negative is that the spray on the bottle is pretty direct and I prefer a more spread out mist. I like to spray it on my cheeks and forehead, then rub it all into my face and neck because there is so much product that comes out. So far I feel like the bottle is lasting a good amount of time so I may repurchase but I’m not sure yet.

What is your favorite item from Lush? I need suggestions on what else to try!

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