First Time Trying Wet n Wild: Haul!

Hey guys! A few weeks ago I decided to try out a brand that I had never purchased anything from: Wet n Wild. I have heard so many great things about their products, particularly their brushes and PhotoFocus Foundation. They are an incredibly affordable brand sold at stores such as Walmart and CVS. I placed a big order on the Wet n Wild website and I am looking forward to trying out all of these products. Read below to learn more!




  • Megaglow Highlighting Powder ($4.99): I have seen a few youtubers talk about this highlight so I wanted to pick it up! I got the shade Lilac to Reality and it is a very pigmented light iridescent purple.
  • Color Icon Blush ($2.99): This blush is supposed to last all day while staying vibrant. I have heard good things about these blushes so I bought the shade Pearlescent Pink. The blush feels super creamy when swatched and has a soft bit of sheen.
  • Megaglow Makeup Stick ($3.99): These are new to the brand, they are basically cream contour and highlighting sticks. I got the countour shade Oak’s On You and the concealer shade Follow Your Bisque. All the contour shades looked way too dark for me so I picked up the lightest one but it is very orange toned. It does blend easily so I use it more to bronze my face rather than contour. The concealer stick is also creamy and blends easily over my pimples and scarring.
  • PhotoFocus Pressed Powder ($4.99): Kathleen Lights was raving about this powder a few months back and it sounded amazing! I got the shade Warm Ivory and it matches my skin tone perfectly. The powder does not enhance my dry spots and it makes my skin feel incredibly smooth. It is definitely my new favorite setting powder!


  • MegaCushion Color Corrector ($5.99): Cushion foundations have become super popular, so when I saw this cushion color correcter I wanted to try it out. I got the green shade because I have redness in parts of my face. The product itself is more like a seafoam green color with a lot of white in it. It covers the redness a little bit on my cheeks but for extremely red pimples it doesn’t cover.
  • Illumi-naughty Highlighting and Concealing Pen ($4.99): I have been wanting to try a pen concealer for a while now so I picked up this one in the shade I-vory Into You. Unfortunately the color is way too dark for me right now so I am hoping in July or August it will match me better.
  • Photo Focus Foundation Deluxe Sample ($5.99): I got this for free with my purchase and I chose the shade porcelain because that’s my color in a lot of other drugstore foundations. Unfortunately this color is WAY too light! It basically looks white. It also seemed to go on my face patchy with a beauty blender. I have heard such great things about this so I may try it again in a darker shade.


  • Large Stipple Brush ($2.99): I have heard Wet n Wild Brushes are great and they definitely are! This brush is so soft and is perfect for bronzing or just blending everything together. One of my go-tos now!
  • Blush Brush ($2.99): I am not sure if it’s just the way this brush was packaged but it looks like it’s shaped more for contouring. I used it with my Hoola bronzer and really liked the outcome! Maybe after I was it it’ll work better for blush.


*Everything in the photo above was included as a free gift with purchase*

  • Megaglo Cheek & Lip Tint ($4.99): I love products that can be used for multiple things. You can either use this as your blush or to give some light color to your lips, or both! I received the shade kiss me if you can, which looks to be a peachy pink shade. Very excited to try it out!
  • Perfect Pair Ombre Lip Wand ($3.99): This is a very strange but interesting product. I got the shade mutually beneficial, with one side being a fuchsia pink and the other a purple color. I think you are supposed to use both to create an ombre color on your lips? Either way, these are not colors I would wear so I will be giving it away.
  • Megaglo Highlighting Powder ($4.99): Of course the color highlighter I chose to buy I would also get for free! this is the exact same thing I listed at the beginning of this post, so I will be giving this extra one away.
  • Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio ($2.99): This is such a cute little eyeshadow palette containing a brow highlight, lid color, and a crease shade for blending. I received the trio Hieroglyphic Heart which has a golden highlight, a mauve crease, and a brown lid shade. The crease shade looks so pretty and is totally what I am into so I am super happy I got this one!
  • Metallic Tattoo ($1.99): Lastly I got this sheet full of metallic tattoos which I didn’t even know Wet n Wild sold. I already have plenty of real permanent tattoos so I will be giving these away lol!

That’s everything I got in my haul! Have you tried any of these products and what did you think of them?

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