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March 2017 Ipsy Unbagging!

Hey everyone! I received my ipsy bag in the mail last Friday and I am excited to share with you everything I was given! I got a good mix of makeup, skin care, and hair care products. The bag this month is also very cute, a dusty pink with some sort of netting on one side. Check out the awesome deluxe samples I received down below!


  • Marc Anthony Deep Repair Conditioning Treatment: This is a hair mask that you leave on for 5-7 minutes after shampooing. It claims to moisturize dry damaged hair and protects colored hair which are two things I need! Can’t wait to try this next time I wash my hair.
  • Air Repair Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer: I am really happy I got this in my bag, it shows that they do pay attention to your survey answers. I have very dry skin so this moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid is perfect for me!


  • Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint: I already have one of these lip paints and love it, so I am really glad I now have another! I received the shade delish: a deep mauve with a matte finish. These are so pigmented and last a long time they are really great!
  • So Susan Blush & Glow Luminizing Blush: I don’t know how I feel about this product. I received the shade Rose Rust, a beautiful pink with a bit of gold sheen. It is very luminous almost like a highlight which I love to top my blush with. BUT, the product itself smells horrible! It smells very chemically, similar to liquid white-out. The strong scent makes me not want to put it on my face.


  • Skone Blending Brush: You can never go wrong with brushes in your subscription boxes! This one reminds me a lot of the Sigma E40. The bristles are long and fluffy, great for placing your transition shade everywhere.


That’s everything I got in my bag this month! Overall I am happy with all of my products besides the blush; I just can’t get over the terrible smell. Did you get this blush and does yours smell bad? Maybe I just got a bad one.

If you are interested in signing up for ipsy here is my link:

*I do not get paid for you clicking on the link or signing up, I just receive points which can be used to buy stuff on their website!

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