New High-End Skincare Products (Dryness, texture, scars, sensitive)

Happy Monday! Today I want to tell you guys about the new skincare products I have been trying out. This winter has made my skin unbelievably dry, and my texture has been really starting to bug me. So I went on Sephora and searched for some good quality skincare items that were said to relieve dryness as well as smooth the skin and fade scarring. Read below to learn more about the products!



  • Glycolic Acid 3% Facial Wash ($38): This facial cleanser is designed to exfoliate the skin to smooth texture and decrease signs of aging. It says that it isn’t recommended for sensitive skin, which I have but this and the moisturizer were being sold as a set for only $25 so I had to pick it up anyways! I do think it dries my skin out more so I have only been using it a couple times a week but it does leave my skin smoother after cleansing.
  • Glycolic Acid 10% Moisturizer ($45): When I first got this 10% glycolic acid sounded really intense and a little scary! In addition to helping smooth skin and decrease signs of aging, it also supports natural cell turnover which will help scars fade quicker. I use this a couple nights a week and unlike the facial wash I don’t think this one dries me out! My skin is SO soft the next morning I have been loving this product.



  • Grape Water Mist ($13): This spray is supposed to hydrate and soothe the skin but I honestly have not seen much improvement in my skin from this. I have been using it as a toner; it takes forever to dry and my skin still feels dry and tight afterwards. I may try using this after I apply my makeup to see if it adds more hydration/glow to my makeup!
  • Vinosource Intense Moisture Rescue Cream ($39): I love this product! This cream is perfect for when you have extremely dehydrated skin. I get dry patches around my chin, mouth, and nose and this cream really hydrates and gets rid of the dryness! If you have severely dry skin I highly recommend trying this out.



  • Ocean Cleansing Milk ($48): This 100% organic face wash is perfect for sensitive skin. It has a very creamy texture and leaves my skin so soft. I find that most regular face washes dry out my skin and only natural ones leave it really soft and hydrated. The downside of natural cleansers is that they don’t fight off acne as much as cleansers with strong acids in them. I love using this at nighttime after removing my makeup! OSEA also stores their products in glass containers which I think is awesome.


Hopefully after I use these products regularly for a couple months I will start to see some major improvements! Have you tried any of these? Also what recommendations do you have for dry skin, texture and scars?

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26 thoughts on “New High-End Skincare Products (Dryness, texture, scars, sensitive)

  1. I love the Osea brand and that milk cleanser sounds lovely! Anything gentle on my skin is always a good thing. Is the Vinosource Intense Moisture Rescue Cream worth the price?

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  2. Those PT Roth products are meant to be AMAZING! I’ve been on a look out for one (probably from TKMaxx because they are bloody expensive) so glad to hear that the glycolic acid moisturiser is as good as everyone says! x

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  3. These sound like some great products. I like the sounds of a milk face wash…very luxurious! I also enjoy glycolic cleansers. I used a glycolic toner and sometimes these glycolic face pads for before I go to bed.

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  4. I have a mild obsession with skincare and I love Caudalie products. I’ve never tried Osea or Peter Thomas Roth but I’m going to look into them ASAP.

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