6 Tips for Doing Your Makeup When You Are Sick

Hello everyone, I hope you all have had a great start to your week! Last week I was suffering from a minor cold and started thinking about the products I use to help cover up the ‘sick’ look on my face. These tricks really help me appear more fresh and awake, rather than miserable so I wanted to share them with you. So after you have taken your cold medicine, I really love the Tylenol Cold + Flu Severe, you can get into your makeup and try these tips out!

  1. MOISTURIZE! Your skin is likely getting super dried out from dehydration as well as constantly blowing/rubbing your nose from congestion. The first step to making any look perfect is having a smooth base so using an intense hydration moisturizer will really help your skin not look so dull and irritated. I have recently been using Caudalie Vinosource Intense Moisture Rescue Cream. It really helps get rid of the peeling skin around my nose and even calms the redness a little bit.
  2. Wear a luminous Foundation: Choosing a glowy foundation rather than a matte one will really help bring your face back to life. Matte foundation could enhance your dull/dry areas so one that claims to be luminous/hydrating is best! I like to use the Loreal True Match Lumi foundation. It is dewy but not oily looking and gives a nice medium coverage.
  3. Color correct: When I am sick, my dark circles are always WAY worse. Sometimes concealer just doesn’t cover it, so I turn to color correcting. For dark areas (blues and purples) you want to use a peach/salmon shade to conceal. I have the NYX Conceal. Correct. Contour palette and I love to use the salmon shade in here for my dark circles. It is very creamy, easy to blend, and makes the darkness DISAPPEAR!
  4. Use a brightening Concealer: Brightening your under eye area is key to giving off the impression that you are awake and not wishing you slept more than five hours. Since you color corrected you don’t need to use a high coverage concealer. I love my e.l.f. Undereye Conceal & Highlighter to instantly brighten and refresh my under eyes. I only use the concealer side, it has light coverage, super hydrating, and blends in three seconds with your finger!
  5. Use a white eyeliner/brightener: When doing your eye makeup, you want to stay away from darker liners that will make your eyes look small and even more tired. Putting white liner in your waterline as well as brightening your inner corners will really open up your eyes and help you look happy to be awake! I like to use my NYX Wonder Pencil in Light on my waterline and my Thrive brilliant eye brightener all over the inner corners of my eyes.
  6. Lots of blush! Being sick not only makes your dark circles more obvious, but your whole face will be extra pale! It is important to remember to add color back to your face to refresh and look alive. I love using bright pinks when I want to get some good color, and the Makeup Geek blush in XOXO really does the job. It gives me a great pop of color on my cheeks and brings the whole look together.


I hope these tips help you next time you are sick. They seriously make me go from zombie to functioning adult in 20 minutes haha! What do you usually do for your makeup when under the weather? Thanks for reading!

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38 thoughts on “6 Tips for Doing Your Makeup When You Are Sick

  1. really great tips! I have a hard enough time doing my makeup when I am well! When I am sick I tend to just let it go haha I probably shouldn’t though.

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  2. haha I absolutely love this! I don’t wear make-up very often and usually I end up with a cold or some bug before I have too! I never do my make-up right and I am often asked, are you feeling ok – lol I might as well have saved some time and not bothered!

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  3. These are such great makeup tips for when you are sick!! Usually, I don’t let people see me when I’m sick lol, but if you have to go out and see people, these are perfect for helping you look a little more alive and fresh!

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  4. Blush is such a lifesaver when I’m sick. It brings the color back into my face. I always tone my makeup down when I’m sick though because I’m too lazy to do a full face.

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  5. Sorry to hear you have a cold! But I admire your resourcefulness in sharing your tips on coping with illness while carrying on with life! Feel better soon.

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  6. I very rarely wear makeup but these tips are great due to me looking like a zombie when I am sick. It’s bad the times I have the least energy to put on makeup is the time I need it the most. thanks so much for sharing

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  7. These are such great tips! I hate getting sick but looking like death is just awful! I love these ideas to at least look good if you have to go out while sick.

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  8. I was really sick for the last month and I really could have used these tips. I can’t stand anything on my face when I am sick, but sometimes life has to go on and you need to go out and to work!

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