2016 Favorites: Face Primer

Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about primers. I just started using these in the last year or so and they have really helped my foundation apply smoother and last longer. There are SO many different kinds of primers out there to address different issues such as large pores, texture, redness, etc. I use these five primers depending on how my skin is feeling/looking each day. Out of all of these I think my favorite would have to be the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser.


As stated on the tube, this product is meant to fill and smooth out your pores. It has that silicone texture that many primers have and I know some people do not like that but it doesn’t bother me. I like to focus this on my T zone and then blend out over the rest of my face. This product goes a LONG way you only need a tiny pea size amount to cover your whole face. When I use this I find that my foundation definitely blends into my skin more smoothly and my skin flaws are blurred. You can find this product at any drugstore for $6.99 USD which I think is the cheapest out of all the primers I have used! Definitely give this a try if you have not already and want to minimize pores.

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