2016 Favorites: Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys, I am sorry this post is going up so late; it was a busy day. But i’m super excited to talk about eyeshadows today! I can never have enough palettes and my collection is growing at an unhealthy rate lol. I mainly lean towards warm neutrals, pinks, and mauve toned shadows but in the last couple months I have been really into burgundy/wine shades. With that being said, I think my favorite and most used palette this year would have to be the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette.


I purchased this palette the second it was released on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website. I love warm browns/oranges and the raspberry red shades really intrigued me so I picked it up. This was actually my first ABH purchase; I had always heard great things about their products and this perfect Autumnal palette was a great place to start! The packaging is a dusty pink velvet material which I love. It contains a pretty decent sized mirror and a double-ended brush. I have only used the brush a couple times because I find the bristles are pretty rough and scratch at my skin.

When it comes to the shadows, they are very pigmented! The red toned shades can be a tiny bit streaky but it is not a big deal at all. A few of the shadows, especially Cyprus Umber, Burnt Orange, and Raw Sienna are powdery when you dip your brush into them and Cyprus Umber has a good amount of fallout. I usually try to do my eye makeup before my foundation when using this palette so I don’t have to worry about it! The metallic shades, Vermeer and Primavera are super creamy and I have no complaints about them!

I just love all of the colors in this palette and while they aren’t all perfect quality I still think it is a great palette to own. If you have been debating whether or not you should make this purchase I say yes girl go for it!!

Thanks for reading!


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