2016 Favorites: Nail Polish

Good morning, today I am going to share with you my favorite nail polish. I am a huge nail polish collector and each of my polishes probably only gets used once a year because I have so many I want to wear! Just like with blushes, I choose my polish based on the seasons. I wear light pastel shades in the spring/summer and then darker shades in the fall/winter. There are so many shades that I love but the one that I think made me the happiest was OPI Suzi – The First Lady of Nails.


This shade was released as part of the Washington DC Collection a few months ago. I did not yet own a color like this and when I saw this shade in the collection I knew it was THE ONE. This polish is a beautiful olive green with a creme finish and after applying your top coat it has the perfect amount of shine. I feel like my nails scream AUTUMN when I have this on and I love it. You can purchase this brand at Macy’s for $10 USD they have great polishes not just this color if you want something different!

I just had my nails done at the salon so I could not paint this polish on for you guys but here is a photo from the OPI website:


What nail polish shades do you love? I always want to try new ones!

Thanks for reading : )


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