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2016 Favorites: Blush

Hey guys, I hope you are all having a great weekend! Today I want to share with you my favorite blush of 2016. I received so many blushes in subscription boxes as well as purchasing a bunch and they are all such awesome colors. I tend to use different blushes during different seasons; I’ll use more pink/coral shades in spring and summer and then deeper red/brown shades in the fall and winter. I love how blush really brings together your look and it’s probably one of my favorite makeup products! So after reviewing all of my blushes I decided my favorite one of the whole year would have to be Cargo Cosmetics Beach Blush.


I love this blush because as you can see there are four different shades that you can choose from or you can mix them all together. This blush is not matte or shimmery it just give you a nice glow. I usually like to apply the colors mixed but sometimes I will use the lighter or darker shades. The shades range from a light peach to a burnt red depending on how you wear them. This blush has pretty good pigmentation and I usually tap off a bit of excess before applying so it doesn’t look too intense. You can purchase this blush on for $30 USD and there is a lot of product so it’ll last you a long time!

Here are swatches of each shade and all of them mixed:

I hope you enjoyed this post. What blush were you loving this year? Let me know!

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12 thoughts on “2016 Favorites: Blush

  1. Its definitely nice to have a variation of shades and save time digging through your make up for the right one! I love that it is so compact and can be mixed as well. i personally like a natural pink for my skin. thanks for sharing!

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