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MAC Cosmetics Nutcracker Face Compact in ‘Sweet Peach’


Let me just say that this is the first product I have ever purchased from MAC. I’m not sure why but I have always been super intimidated to go into the MAC store at the mall near me. When I saw Jaclyn Hill post a video using this in the copper shade I thought it looked absolutely gorgeous so I went and ordered it online (still afraid to go into a store lol).

I decided to get the sweet peach shade because I have fair/light skin and thought the copper may be too dark on me. It comes with a blush called “At Dusk” and a highlight called “Tutu”. The packaging is so stunning and detailed I am probably going to display it on my vanity throughout the holidays!

I was really looking forward to this being an amazing quality product considering the $35 USD price. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. The pigmentation is HORRIBLE. When I first applied the blush my face literally looked no different. I had to harshly swirl my brush around for five seconds to get what looked like way too much product onto my brush and then apply for just a very light pinky blushed look. It was very disappointing for me.

The pigmentation of the highlight isn’t as bad as the blush but it still isn’t the best. You also have to apply a lot of product to get a noticeable champagne highlight, but only slightly. If you are into the kind of highlight that is like a WOW I AM BLIND then you will not like this!

After getting the pigmentation right on both of them I do like the finish. It has a nice soft glow and adds a touch of color to my face. But I still would not recommend this product. It is way too expensive for the quality. I need to try out the MAC Studio Fix powder or something else that is spoken highly of!

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11 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Nutcracker Face Compact in ‘Sweet Peach’

  1. I tried the highlighter and was a kind of chuncky glutter just like Mac soft something I don’t know full name I had it long time ago. And everyone was talking about Mac highlighter and I didn’t like it and I still don’t like it. This is similar to that one that I used to have. I like more my The Balm Mary Lou or even Make Up Revolution highlighters or Colourpop :-). Mac for me has good foundations and fixing sprays and there story stops with me and Mac šŸ˜‚

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