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Colourpop x Hello Kitty Collection


Hello everyone! I have been so excited for this collection! I am a HUGE Hello Kitty fan, like I even have a tattoo of Hello Kitty on my back lol. When I first heard that Colourpop and Hello Kitty were collaborating I knew I needed it. And really what beauty obsessed woman wouldn’t?

First of all, can we just talk about this packaging?! Every shadow and face product has Colourpop x Hello Kitty written on the lid with a cute Hello kitty design. The lids on the lip products are covered in bows and I am in love. I hope the designs don’t wear off like they do with other colourpop products.

There are so many new products in the collection and I tried to get a good variety of shadows, face products, and lipsticks that all looked flattering to me. I ended up purchasing four eyeshadows, one blush, one highlight, an ultra satin lip, and a lippie stix.

Mama’s Apple Pie Shadows and Pigments: This bundle came with four eyeshadows which are swatched beginning at my wrist in the photos above. The first shade is called “Rainbow” which is a very sheer glitter white shade. It is basically just a bunch of glitter which I found looks good to add on top of another shadow. The next shade “Small Gift” is a peachy pearlized finish color. This one is nice and pigmented and a perfect shade for spring! Next is “Friendship File” which is like a warm bronze shade with a metallic finish. I think this is my favorite one in the bunch, it is so wearable day or night and is just my go to shade. The last shade, “School Bus”, is a deep navy blue with a pearlized finish. This one intrigued me most out of all the shadows and I am excited to come up with some looks using it!

Face Products: I have never tried a Colourpop highlight so I decided to buy the one in the shade “School is Fun”. It is a pearlized finish gold shade but I don’t find it to be TOO gold. I have fair/light skin and sometimes I feel like gold highlights look funky and too dark on me but this one is very soft. I also bought the blush in “Coin Purse” which is a matte bright pink. It is very pigmented and looks almost neon so I use a very light hand when applying it.

Lip Products: There are so many options for lips in this collection. I decided to get the ultra satin lip in “Tiny Chum” and the lippie stix in “Date Mate”. I am so in love with Tiny Chum. Online it says it is a nude pink but I disagree at least on my skin tone. It looks gray in the bottle but applied it has a purple undertone. It is honestly so gorgeous and I plan to wear it a lot. Date Mate is a matte fuchsia color and it is VIBRANT. It is a perfect shade if you want to make a statement with some soft eyeshadow.

I am so happy Colourpop came out with this collection and I got all of this for only $45 USD. I hope you enjoyed this quick review thanks for reading!

The face products I mentioned are currently sold out but here is the link to the collection:

Hello Kitty


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