Kylie Cosmetics “The Burgundy Palette” Kyshadow First Impressions

Hey guys! Last week I purchased Kylie’s new Kyshadow burgundy palette. She stated on her snapchat that she had changed her formula with the shimmers, so they would be a lot more pigmented than the last palette. I already reviewed the bronze palette and even though that one was not very impressive I still had high hopes that she really did improve this new one.


When it comes to the formula, the matte shades are pretty much the same in my opinion. Some are pigmented and blend effortlessly while others, especially the shades “burgundy” and “brick” are more dry and patchy. Red toned shades always end up having the most problems so two out of the five matte shades not being perfect isn’t that bad!

The shimmer shades are so much more creamy and pigmented than the last palette! They had no fall out for me and apply to my lids with a metallic sheen that looked nice and shimmery but not too intense. The shade “naked” at the top of the swatches is the only shimmer that I felt had the same formula as before and was a bit too yellow for me.

The only thing I wish she had was a matte white shade for browbone highlight and setting the lid but it’s not too bad because she did include it in the other palette. I definitely think she stepped it up with this one and with there now being free shipping on domestic orders over $40 I think it’s worth it!

I hope you enjoyed this first impressions thanks for reading 🙂

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