Lush “The Sacred Truth” face mask – Sensitive skin

Hello everyone! Last week I decided to go to Lush and purchase a new face mask. I have already tried a few of their masks but I think this may be my favorite one yet!


This mask contains anti-oxidant wheatgrass, green tea,and enzymic papaya which are so good for soothing the skin. The fact that it has green tea in it really got me interested because I have used other products containing green tea and they instantly calmed my skin. It also has pieces of something in it, I’m not sure what, that works as an exfoliator. I really like how it’s not rough on my skin, it is VERY gentle.

This mask has a thick creamy texture that applies easily with a foundation brush. I left it on for about 10 minutes, and it turned into a milky texture when I rinsed it off. Okay, I am not exaggerating here. My skin has NEVER felt as soft as it did after this mask. It felt so plump and hydrated I couldn’t believe the instant results. Even the following day my skin felt healthier than it usually does.

Because these masks are made with fresh natural ingredients and have to be refrigerated they only last about a month. Luckily this one worked wonders so I will definitely be using it up and repurchasing!

What are your favorite Lush products?

Thanks for reading!


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