Colourpop Haul!

What’s up beauties? Last week Colourpop had FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. It’s funny because you think you are going to save a bunch of money but end up still spending 40 bucks lol. If you are not aware of the company Colourpop they are an extremely affordable makeup brand based in California, USA. What’s cool about them is that their eyeshadows aren’t your basic powder shadow they’re like this super soft cream-to-powder formula I have no idea how to explain it! But they are amazing. They also have pretty wonderful lip products so I would highly recommend them!

I got a total of seven products. SEVEN. Three lippie stix, a creme gel eyeliner, an eyeshadow pigment, a bronzer, and a blush.


The top three swatches are lippie stix in the colors Button, Lumiere, and Lady. They are so creamy, pigmented, and easy to apply! The only thing I don’t really like is that the two listed as matte don’t really dry down to a matte. They all transfer very easily.

Next down is their creme gel eyeliner. I got mine in the shade Get Paid which is a rose gold color. I think it is GORGEOUS in the waterline and so far I am loving it.

Following the liner is a super shock pigment eyeshadow in the color Animal. It is a really bright coral/peachy color with a bit of glitter. I will definitely be wearing it frequently in the Spring!

Lastly I bought a blush and bronzer. I got the shades Prenup and Bon Voyage. I have never tried their face products and was a little nervous at first because I always use powders for my blush and bronzer. But then I tried them on and WOW! They blended so easily I was amazed! I used a synthetic contouring brush from Luxie and an ELF synthetic stippling brush for the blush. I definitely want to purchase more shades they are seriously an amazing formula.

Overall I love my purchases! I wish I had bought one of their highlighters though. If any of you guys have tried one let me know how you like it!

Thank you for reading. 🙂

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