Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow Bronze Palette Review

Initially I was unsure of purchasing Kylie Jenner’s first eyeshadow palette. $42 USD for nine extremely common shadows that many beauty gurus were claiming to be powdery, patchy, and just a hassle to blend. Also after purchasing three of her lip kits and only giving them a 7/10 I didn’t have high hopes. I continued to debate the pros and cons of making the purchase and then it happened: Kylie announced free shipping on all domestic products. This is actually a really big deal because her shipping I believe costs $8.95, so I was like YES!!! The palette plus tax would be around $45, that’s about $5 per shadow which is a little less than make up geek. Not too bad. I will also admit that I am one of those Kylie Jenner obsessed girls so deep down I knew I needed it lol. Time to order!

The palette arrived within a couple of days; I have never had problems with her shipping. My purchases have always came in a timely fashion. The cardboard packaging is a little cheap, but very compact and easy to travel with. I know many people are upset about there not being a mirror but I wouldn’t want one with how this packaging is. I’m sure it would shatter the first time I took it out of my house.

Honestly the swatches are very disappointing. Some colors are more pigmented than others such as “Jasper” and “Citrine” but the rest looked pretty dull. They also felt very powdery and the darker colors when swatched were patchy. I was skeptical.

But to my surprise, the shadows came out a lot better on the eye. In the photo above  I used “Tiger Eye” as my transition shade and it was very pigmented I had to use a light hand to apply it. Next I put “Topaz”more precisely into my crease. This color worked really well to darken my crease and put more depth into my eye. I decided to use “Hematite” all over my lid and to my surprise I had zero fallout. Next I used “Jasper” as my brow bone and inner highlight which had a lot of pigment. Lastly I lightly swept “Citrine” all over my crease to really warm up the look. They all blended very well and the pigmentation lasted throughout the night.

Below I review each shade separately starting at my wrist downward:


Jasper: Your classic white bone shade. This one is a tad powdery but the pigment is strong. It’s perfect to use on the brow bone and inner corner.

Quartz: This is a light pale pink shimmer shade. If you like shimmer shadows that really pop you will not like these. The shimmer in it is very subtle and you can only see it up close. I actually really like to use these kinds of shimmers when I am just doing a soft daytime look going to school or something.

Topaz: This cool tone brown worked very well in my crease. This one was a lot more creamy than some of the others and while the swatch looked patchy it blended well on the eye.

Goldstone: The other shimmer shade in the palette, this bronze brown is subtle just like Quartz. Comparing the two this one probably shows more than the other but they are both more suitable for daytime looks.

Citrine: This bright orange color in the palette had me SO excited. It is very pigmented and become too orange too quick so make sure to tap off the excess and use a light hand when applying. Unless you are going for a bright orange lid, then pack it on!

Tiger Eye: As a warm matte brown this shade was great to use as my transition. Just like Citrine it is very pigmented so a light hand is suggested.

Hematite: This burnt red shade showed pretty patchy in the swatch but on the lid it blended pretty well. It is a more powdery one so really tap off the excess!

Bronzite: This is a very dark chocolate-brown shade. I use this when I apply brown eyeliner and use it to blend. It isn’t my favorite shade because it didn’t blend very well and is a bit powdery.

Obsidian: My least favorite shade. I will probably never use it again. What looks like a nice matte black in the pan comes out looking like a dark blue. It is very patchy and horrible to blend.

Is it worth purchasing? Unless you are a Kylie fanatic, then no. These shadows are seen in so many other palettes that are cheaper and better quality. While most of them blend fine and are pigmented, a couple are straight terrible and the shimmers are faint. Just go buy the Morphe 350 palette!

Thank you so much for reading. 🙂

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